Monday, December 19, 2011

Post 16 Response

1) My observation of the liquid that Dr. Ray had passed around was a somewhat cloudy solution. He stated that there were nano particles that existed within the solution which would explain the cloudiness of the solution.

2) By use of colloids and ferrofluids one can prevent nano particles from adhering to one another.

Post 15 Response

1) Grain boundaries are what are considered the weaker points of a metal crystal structure. This is usually caused by some impurities in the metal from the process of formation or where some of the crystals did not form properly. In manufacturing these boundaries can be influenced on how the metal is processed in ways such as heating cooling and special practices.

2) This can be done by the FFC Cambridge process or molten salt electrolysis. Basically the element is cooled very slowly to promote single crystal structures.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post 13 Response

MALDI is a mass spectrometer that is used to identify different compounds and protiens.

3d image of Microcystin LR

3D image of Collagen

3D Image of Cytosine